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        English Course Progression Chart
Students are required to have four English Credits (one from each grade level) to meet  graduation requirements.  Please use the following link to find out more information about each of the options below.  https://sites.google.com/frco.k12.va.us/fchs-student-services/academics-programs

Course projection chart

                    Senior Portfolio
All seniors are required to complete a senior portfolio that includes the following:

Category 1-Resumé

Category 2-Applications (Choose 1)

·         Job Application

·         College Application

Category 3-Research

·         Research Paper-MLA Format (3 pages minimum) or Research Project in MLA Format 

Category 4-Oral Presentation

                            English Department Teachers

Madison Armbrester [email protected].va.us
Robert Bennett  [email protected]
John Bolte  [email protected]
Shannon Brooks  [email protected]
Elizabeth Deems  [email protected].us
Donald Handy  [email protected]
Sarah Hodges [email protected]
Allison Huff  [email protected]
Tammy Knick  [email protected]
Eric Linkenhoker  [email protected].us
Ellen McCullen [email protected]
Kayla Messenger  [email protected].us
Stephanie Milliron  [email protected].va.us
Brandon Mullins  [email protected].us
Kristina Osborne  [email protected].us
Si Semones  [email protected]
Bettina Sinclair  [email protected].us
Jessica Vinces  [email protected]
Bryce Wuergler  [email protected]

Sarah Arnold  [email protected]
Charles Astin  [email protected]
Lorrie Betterton  [email protected]
Clorinda Ermini  [email protected].us
Tony Gill  [email protected]
Lorie Holland  [email protected]


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